The Miami Heart Research Institute was founded in 1944 and was the first heart hospital and research center in the world. Formerly known as the Miami Heart Institute, it quickly became world renowned for its visionary accomplishments in the research and treatment of cardiovascular disease.

Pioneering Advancements:
Miami Heart researchers were among the first to treat vascular disease with aspirin, recognize the importance of understanding the cellular, biochemical and clinical levels of cardiovascular disease, and study the role of cholesterol by pioneering the use of lipid-lowering medications to slow or reverse the heart disease process. We also examined heart surgery in women years before it became a national priority.

Refinement of Focus: 
So that we could continue our tradition of dedication to the advancement of heart research, the divisions of research and education combined into the independent nonprofit organization known today as the Miami Heart Research Institute when the hospital was sold.


Today, the Research Institute functions as both a self-contained cardiovascular research center and as a collaborator and facilitator of research. MHRI has collaborated with other research partners who are internationally recognized as the experts in their field such as the Mayo Clinic, Columbia Presbyterian and locally, Mount Sinai, and the University of Miami. Being an independent, nonprofit organization allows the Research Institute to be unbiased and flexible and pursue projects swiftly. All projects are evaluated and continuously reviewed by an independent committee of highly respected physicians who are internationally recognized in the field of cardiovascular research assuring that our projects are scientifically and fundamentally sound.

Leading-edge Research: 
Current research by MHRI led the medical community to recognize the role of neurohormones in the diagnosis and treatment of congestive heart failure. We have also created the first of its kind clinical cardiac genetics laboratory. The highly specialized research laboratories supplied by our partners ensures that MHRI research dollars are spent doing research rather than funding capital equipment.