Building upon a tradition of over half a century of leadership in cardiovascular disease, the Florida Heart Research Institute has embarked upon an exciting and ambitious research agenda. We recognize the overwhelming need for resources devoted to developing new and promising initiatives, as well as the emerging role of institutional collaboration.

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Photo Credit:  ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr

Florida Heart Research Institute sponsors many educational programs for both lay and medical communities. We have made education an integral part of our mission because we believe the most effective way to prevent or reduce the incidence of cardiac disease is through an understanding of how lifestyles and risk factors can contribute to disease onset and progression. 

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 STATEWIDE Screenings- FHRI offers free cardiovascular risk factor screenings throughout the state by bringing the program to community groups and organizations and the populations they serve. Each participant receives printed clinical results (total cholesterol, HDL, ratio, glucose, blood pressure, and body mass index), educational literature (English/Spanish/Creole) on heart health, and one-on-one counseling by culturally sensitive trained health educators. Those who are found to have risk factors are referred to their physician or are referred by FHRI to public or private health care clinics in their neighborhood if they don’t have a medical home.

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