Research Grant Funding Opportunities

Upcoming Deadlines:  
April 15, 2018 to submit Letter of Intent
July 31, 2018 to submit grant proposals (Invited Only)


Miami Heart Research Institute, Inc. and Florida Heart Research Foundation, Inc. pursues top quality cardiovascular research that will further our understanding of heart disease and its causes, treatment methodologies and prevention strategies.  This may include basic, clinical, public health and translational research.  We have the unique ability to choose research based solely upon scientific validity and clinical relevance, without the limitations of financial gain or institutional politics.


We seek out collaborative partnerships and projects with organizations which share our mission: to Stop Heart Disease through Research, Education and Prevention.  All grants are made to public institutions or 501(c)3 nonprofits (public charities as defined by the Internal Revenue Service).  By combining our unique resources with those of other established centers, we believe that we are stronger as a team than we each are individually. 

To ensure research credibility and excellence, all submissions will be reviewed by our Medical Advisory Committee.  Accepted projects must conform to the highest standards of scientific research and be efficiently organized and continually monitored.


  •  A 2-page Letter of Intent (LOI) will be submitted by April 15th of each year.
  • Selected submissions will be invited to submit an entire grant proposal (10-page maximum).
  • Invited grant proposals are due by July 31st of each year.
  • Limited funds are available thus proposals should not exceed $150,000 per year for a maximum of 3 years.
  • A copy of your institution’s IRS tax-exempt status determination letter will be required for submission.


  • The application process for all research grants begins with LOI.  The LOI will be accompanied with an NIH-style curriculum vitae of the principal investigator.
  • A description of the project should include the following:
  1. Its significance (briefly summarize the project’s rationale and background).
  2. The amount requested for the total cost of the project for one year. 
  3. Whether additional funds have been secured for the project and, if so, in what amount.
  4. Plans for securing additional funds, if needed.
  5. All contact information for the applicant (name, mailing address, email address and telephone number).


LOI must be formatted as follows:

  1. A single-spaced pdf document with a space between each paragraph, 12-point font (Windows users: Arial font style, MAC users: Helvetica font style) and no less than ¾” margins allowed.
  2.  Figures, charts, tables, graphics and legends may be smaller in size but must be clear and legible.
  3.  Maximum allowable lines per page is 60.
  4.  Two-page limit, after converting document to a pdf.
  5.  LOI should be addressed and sent to:

Nancy Cavalie, Executive Director
Miami Heart Research Institute, Inc.


  1. Grant awards are for one year and are renewable at the discretion of the Medical Advisory Committee and the Board of Trustees.
  2. Grant awards DO NOT cover indirect costs.
  3. Grant is to be used only for the purpose specified in the approved proposal and in accordance with the approved budget.
  4. A 6-month report will be submitted to MHRI.  If changes in the project aims, benchmarks, personnel or budget are needed, these must be included in the report. 
  5.  The annual report must contain a copy of all published materials, abstracts, presentations and manuscripts that have resulted from this grant funding.
  6. All published materials, abstracts, presentations and manuscripts in connection with or regarding this research project will acknowledge that support has been provided by MHRI.
  7. Financial records must be maintained and consistent with generally accepted accounting principles and be audited annually as appropriate and provide a financial accounting of how the grant was used.
  8. A final report must be submitted indicating progress made in achieving project aims and objectives.
  9. Grantee will provide MHRI with information on all publications and presentations based on this research project and provide copies of all articles and abstracts as they are published.


  1. Recognition of top quality research by leading scientific researchers, collaborative partners and outside organizations.
  2. Publication of project results in leading research journals.
  3. Presentation of project results at national and/or international conferences and seminars.
  4. Results that generate further research leading to breakthroughs, patents, etc. that improve diagnoses, treatment and prevention strategies.
  5. Grants issued by the Federal government, pharmaceutical companies, foundations or research partners to pursue an MHRI sponsored project in greater depth because of promising results.
  6. Increase in requests for collaborative projects for research or education and prevention programs.
  7. Media interest in research or education and prevention programs funded by MHRI.  This would increase funding by private donors, corporations and foundations.


Current grant recipients seeking renewals may attach copies of their last project report and any project research manuscripts or publications along with a letter indicating their desire for renewal of the previously approved grant.  The renewal should be submitted 3 months prior to the anniversary of the grant contract date.